MEDISCA offers you peace of mind

MEDISCA is a leading FDA-registered supplier of quality pharmacy compounding products and offers excellent service to the North American, Australian and international markets. We provide the compounding industry with the highest quality:

  • active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including controlled substances;
  • excipients in the form of bases, oils, colors and flavors;
  • and equipment and devices.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality compounding products and supplies, unparalleled service and competitive pricing, to our clients located around the world.

Continuous innovation

As a leader in the pharmaceutical compounding industry, MEDISCA is always striving to bring new innovative, high quality products to the market. Our product line is continually expanding to address the evolving and growing field of pharmaceutical compounding. In addition, we use the latest up-to-date technology and equipment in all of our corporate offices and warehouses. Our newly renovated buildings provide employees with a modern workspace that is clean, comfortable and safe.

Commitment to quality

Quality is the cornerstone of the MEDISCA brand. This is evident in the design of our facilities around the world and in the people we do business with. In fact, quality is the responsibility of everyone at MEDISCA.

We share a passion for quality compounding medications and a wealth of knowledge of the pharmacy marketplace. Let’s work together to continuously improve the quality of customized pharmaceutical care!